Exclusive: The Book of Ra Tricks for the online version

Tips Book Of Ra

We are the first and the only entity to reveal publicly one of the playing methods that seems to give very good results in the game of Book of Ra Online. We will explain in detail the procedure you need to follow, but it is really very simple to grasp and does not require any specialist knowledge.

Win to the Book Of Ra

We must stress that the Book of Ra tricks that we are about to explain are only valid for the online version. These tricks have been tested and proved valid solely for THIS ONLINE CASINO, where they appear to give very encouraging results.

We are receiving a lot of positive feedback in relation these Book of Ra tricks and we would also like you to write to us to let us know the results you achieve. But let us go straight to the point, and explain how to apply this unique Book of Ra method to the online version in question.

How to apply this method to the Book Of Ra

How to apply book of ra method

We will describe in detail the process for applying these tricks, which we know work well for the Book of Ra online slot game. Follow each step very carefully, bearing in mind that you are applying a method of play and are not involved in gambling.


1) Register at the online casino which hosts the Book of Ra online, and on which we have tested the tricks. CLICK HERE- or on the banner below.

Book Of Ra Tips on Stargames

2) Make a minimum deposit of 30 GBP (the minimum amount to ensure the success of this method).

3) Open the Book of Ra Deluxe slot game: now we are ready to start applying the method.


1) Select the maximum number of play lines (10 lines), setting the minimum bet per line.

2) Now you must play to lose for 11 consecutive spins with the minimum bet. If a winning combination comes up in the first 11 spins, just take part in the doubling game and keep doubling until you lose.

The important thing here is that you must play the first 11 spins without crediting yourself with any winnings. In the event that 3 books of Ra appear, and you are assigned a bonus game, then wait for the end of the bonus. However, to apply our method properly, it is better to wait for about 2 hours (as we shall see later, the appearance of the bonus game is the purpose of our method, and indicates the final payment stage. But we will explain all this later).

3) Having played to lose for 11 games, you then start to play normally, while still maintaining the minimum bet. The first time you get a winning combination, go to the doubling game and bet once on the red card, and, regardless of whether you win or lose, raise your bet at the next step  and return to playing normally.

4) At this point, continue to play until the third winning combination that the game gives you. At the third winning combination, go to the doubling game again and bet once more on the red card. Once this is done, and regardless of whether you win or lose, raise your bet again by a single notch and continue to play. From this moment on, you will see that the game is starting to pay winning combinations with much more frequency.

5) Now you need to continue playing normally, entering the doubling game on alternate wins. When playing the doubling game, you should always bet on the red card.

6) This whole process will lead very quickly to the award of a bonus game with 10 free spins, and now the game will appear to pay up much faster and in much higher amounts. There are many reports of winnings in excess of 200 GBP, and even up to 600 GBP, from a 30 GBP initial investment.

Conclusions Book Of Ra Tips

This method just helps to slightly boost the slot game, and so helps achieve a high value bonus game very quickly. Once the Bonus Game has finished, you should close down everything and come back after a few hours, or even better the next day. Indeed, the award of the bonus game marks the end of the payout phase, which the slot game has been leading up to. Many tests have shown that after applying this method it is very hard to restart the slot game immediately: good results have been recorded by leaving the game for about 2 to 3 hours; or even better until the next day.

We are still studying this method, so please use it with due caution. Remember that it is just a method of play, and so to give it validity you must apply it without gambling.

This is the only genuine trick we know for playing the Book of Ra online, and it has provided us with a lot of positive feedback from our readers.